White diet

Have you had teeth whitening and your doctor recommends a white diet? You want to know the exact list of foods that dentists recommend not to consume with a diet of whites What can replace the products with coloring pigments? The experts told us about this and many other things.

white diet foods

The white diet is a special type of food in which a person consumes food that does not stain, that is, without a pronounced pigment. The so-called clear diet is prescribed after teeth whitening. A colorless diet is recommended to patients to consolidate the effect, preserve the resulting color of tooth enamel for as long as possible, and protect from the effects of various substances. In addition, a white diet should be followed when bleaching at home.

Clinical case with transparent diet: a patient scheduled a home teeth whitening. I got special means from dentistry (gel mouth guards), consulted with a dentist. It is recommended to follow a colorless diet throughout the whitening period (about a week), as well as another 7 to 10 days at the end of the course.

Compliance with a colorless diet is important not only to maintain the effect of the procedure. You should not carry out additional tests on tooth enamel, which somehow weakens after whitening procedures, it has a porous structure. In two or three weeks of the white diet, the enamel will be restored and you will be able to return to your usual way of life, but with certain nuances in the pigment content of the products.

How strict is it to follow a white diet?

As much as possible with a diet. For example, for the effect to last a long time, with a white diet, products with coloring pigments should be avoided for 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure.

Also, as part of the white diet, experts advise to gradually introduce healthy habits: partially or completely abandon red wine, coffee or black tea, drink coloring drinks through a straw, replace the same tea with kefir or milk.

Remember! Pigment substances are not terrible for healthy tooth enamel, and in the presence of unavoidable micro-damage after whitening, dyes can penetrate deeply and stain it.

The most important thing in a white diet is to pay attention to the color of the food. In terms of quantity, types of food, there are no strict restrictions on the diet.

What can be eaten on a white diet after fading? Ready set of products

Form your diet of the white diet in such a way that you eat not only "colorless" foods (bananas, milk, cottage cheese), but the most beneficial for the teeth. In particular, foods high in fluoride and calcium, vitamins C, A, E are useful, and such a healthy white diet will have a positive effect on the state of enamel and immunity in general.

TOP 10 food groups for the white diet:

  • Dairy products without colorants (for example, if it is yogurt, then without fillers, light): cottage cheese, milk, yogurt, butter, hard cheese, curd mass;
  • Fish and various shellfish: sea and sea fish, squid, scallops are especially useful. To make sure there are no colorants in the products, always read the ingredients;
  • Fruits: pears, green apples (preferably not raw, but baked), bananas. It is important that the fruit is not acidic and does not irritate the enamel;
  • Poultry (turkey, chicken), as well as soy products with a colorless diet;
  • Bakery and pasta;
  • Cauliflower, white cabbage, Brussels sprouts;
  • Egg whites, avocados are ideal foods for a transparent diet and general health;
  • Potatoes;
  • Porridge: rice, semolina, pearl barley;
  • Steamed asparagus, celery is not just diet, but proper nutrition.

Note! If in doubt about any of the foods listed for the white diet, just heat it up. For example, if you want to cook a brussels sprout dish, but it seems too green to you, steam it or bake it.

The presented success list of 10 products of a colorless diet will allow you to eat well for several weeks, get all the nutrients, but without risking teeth whitening.

Also observe the temperature of foods for the diet. It should be warm, but not hot or cold, so as not to endanger the enamel of the teeth.

What exactly is not recommended to eat on a white diet? Product stop list

The white diet excludes the following foods from the diet:

  • black and green tea. By the way, it is from green tea that plaque forms on the teeth very quickly. This product should also be eliminated from the whites diet so that your teeth do not darken after whitening;
  • bright sauces: tomato, soy, adjika, ketchup, etc. ;
  • coffee, cocoa - light diet drinks;
  • colored fruits: plums, dark grapes, red apples;
  • fruit and vegetable juices, compotes, fruit drinks;
  • chocolate, lollipops, dragees;
  • citrus;
  • jam;
  • bud;
  • Red wine.

What if you still break the white diet rule?

Nothing catastrophic, but the effect of teeth whitening will no longer be the most ideal. First of all, a thin film of pigment plate will do its job - the color will darken. Second, if the dietary requirements are violated, the same polish shine and shine will disappear, which is why many patients love whitening. Third, the patient himself will see the difference in the teeth, and will be offended that a momentary weakness or inattention has ruined the aesthetics of a perfect smile. There is also the risk of cavities or inflammatory gum disease.

What else to do besides the diet of the whites?

There are a number of other recommendations, following which it will be possible to preserve to the maximum the effect of professional or home teeth whitening:

  • if possible, do not smoke or minimize the number of cigarettes smoked per day, gradually reduce the presence of tobacco to nothing;
  • the fair sex should give up bright red lipstick for a couple of weeks after teeth whitening; you can use a transparent hygienic gloss;
  • after a course of enamel lightening, oral hygiene should be gentle. Basic recommendations: use a soft toothbrush, as well as a toothpaste without large abrasive particles, but with a high content of fluorine in the composition;
  • To maintain the whitening effect, periodic professional cleaning should be carried out. We recommend cleaning after whitening in advance to close the topic of dental care and proper prophylaxis.

By following these recommendations and a white diet, you can keep your teeth white after whitening procedures for two years!